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    What is Architectural Glassworks glass?
    The glass we create is kiln-fired sheet glass, made with custom designed, hand-sculpted molds. This produces three-dimensional textured patterns and images in the glass, for almost any desired “look”. Our glass is functional glass art that can be used in virtually any situation ordinary glass exists, as well as more innovative glass applications (eg. water features, wire suspended panels, light fittings and balustrades).

    What are the practical advantages of using Architectural Glassworks glass?
    1. Our glass can provide varied degrees of translucency/privacy, from clarity to almost complete diffusion, without sacrificing the natural or artificial light.
    2. Our glass is low maintenance – dirt, dust and fingerprints do not adhere easily to its non-porous surface and do not readily show (particularly useful in steamy, greasy situations such as shower screens and splash backs).

    Do we need an architect or interior designer to design it?

    Although we often work with architects to come up with designs that meet their brief, in most cases our in-house designers will develop an idea and present it for approval.

    Can I add colour to the design?
    Our designers have researched and developed a unique, permanent glass colouring system. This versatile medium can produce both metallic reflection and transparent colour simultaneously.

    Can you product retail, business and commercial signage?

    Yes. We create custom signage in textured glass, with colour added where required.

    How long does it take to make?

    Standard delivery time is between three and five weeks from ordering (although by arrangement it may sometimes be expedited more quickly).

    Do you provide quotations/estimates?

    Yes. Our task is aided by the provision of plans or dimensional drawings where available. We are happy to provide a quotation based on elements such as the glass dimensions, thickness, application and requirements (eg. notches or holes). These may be specified by yourself, or your architect/designer/builder. Alternatively, we can discuss your requirements and recommend what we feel would best suit your needs.

    What stage of renovations should measurements be taken?
    Measurement and installation of your glass occurs within a strict timetable during building, so it is beneficial to contact us as early as possible to discuss your installation requirements (eg. when scaffolding may be in place).

    What is the maximum size you can produce?

    Individual panels can be produced up to approximately 1300mm x 2800mm (in some circumstances this can be increased slightly). However, the components of a custom design can be configured to accommodate virtually any size or shape.

    What thickness is Architectural Glassworks glass available in?
    Our glass can be produced in thickness from 6mm to 16mm.

    Who installs the glass?

    Our glass can be provided on a supply only basis, or we can arrange installation. Margins around the panels can be made flat to a specified width. Also flat surfaces, holes and notches can be created to conform to a template. The estimated cost of installation is itemized separately for your information in our quotation.

    Does Architectural Glassworks meet the Glazing Code?
    All glass manufactured meets current AS1288 Regulations and is toughened where necessary (often exceeding required strength).

    Does Architectural Glassworks accept standard glass hardware?
    Yes, our glass can be configured to accommodate all standard glass hardware.

    Does Architectural Glassworks sell fittings suitable for hanging wall art?
    Yes – we sell stainless steel edge grip fittings for the wall mounting of glass artworks. These are available in 19mm and 25mm diameter, for glass 6-10mm thick. Please specify glass thickness when ordering for correct gasket. The Edge Grip Wall Mounts are $28 each (plus gst).

    Do you have any further questions?
    Please contact us.