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    Conditions of use of this website: 
    All images, elements, glass designs and styles, textures, colours, shapes and descriptive text used in this web site are the exclusive copyright of Architectural Glassworks. Any use of the contents and intellectual property in this website requires the express permission in writing of Architectural Glassworks.

    Product Terms and Conditions: 
    Architectural Glassworks (“we, us, our”) glass is sheet glass that is kiln fired to conform to custom designed, hand sculpted moulds producing three-dimensional patterns and images in the glass (“AG Glass”). AG Glass is used for a variety of purposes. The Customer (“you”) have ordered AG Glass from us and we sell the AG Glass to you subject always to our standard terms and conditions of trade. These terms and conditions are in addition to (but not superior to) any special conditions given in writing at the time of quoting, and to any specific agreement in writing between you and us.

    These terms and conditions are binding on both parties. By signing an order form and/or paying a deposit, you have entered into a formal contract with us and accept these terms and conditions.

    1. Quotation
    A quotation from us is valid for 30 days but prices may change due to price changes in raw materials or other reasons and we reserve the right to amend quotations accordingly. All prices will be confirmed at time of your order but you acknowledge that additional delivery and installation charges may apply as detailed in Clause 3 of this Agreement. Where you instruct us to amend an order or an amendment is required due to a discrepancy in actual measurements for the AG Glass, you agree to pay any additional costs incurred by us and you will sign an amended order form if requested. We may also amend an order where less glass than originally quoted is required.

    2. Information from Purchaser
    2.1 You must provide us with all necessary information we request, including but not limited to thickness of glass, the application, requirements for notches or holes and timeframes for building. We may also require plans or dimensional drawings from your builder or architect. We may from time to time make suggestions based on plans supplied or an on site measure, taking every care to ensure accuracy, however, we will not be responsible for any deficiencies in information given to us by you, your builder or architect and you accept full responsibility for the accuracy of orders placed with us.

    2.2 You agree to indemnify us against any claims and all damages, liabilities, costs including legal fees directly or indirectly arising from any information supplied by you or from any act or thing done on your specific instructions or with your specific approval.

    3. Payment
    A deposit of one third (1/3) of the purchase price is payable upon placement of your order, with the balance to be paid upon collection of the AG Glass from our warehouse or immediately upon installation, where delivery and installation are included in the order. Any additional delivery and installation charges resulting from last minute or unexpected alterations required on the day of delivery will be invoiced separately and must be paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice. We reserve the right to withhold delivery or repossess the AG Glass if any payment under this Clause is not made. We may also charge interest at the current penalty interest rate on any overdue amounts and storage fees if we must hold AG Glass on your behalf due to non-payment.

    4. No Cancellation
    You may not cancel an order, once we have commenced work.

    5. Delivery
    5.1 Delivery times will vary in accordance with the type of order and will be confirmed at the time of the order. We will not be liable for delays in delivery or failure to deliver caused by any circumstances beyond our control.
    5.2 If you have ordered AG Glass on a “supply only” basis, you accept liability for loss or damage to AG Glass ordered once it is despatched from our warehouse.
    5.3 If you request delivery and installation as part of your order, we agree to arrange, on your behalf, transport and installation from a reputable third party supplier. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed on us by that third party supplier and agree to hold us safe from any dispute over damage or loss in transit or during installation arising between you and the third party supplier.
    5.4 All AG Glass must be checked and approved by you prior to installation, as no claim will be accepted once AG Glass has been installed.

    6. Variations in AG Glass
    Texture and shade variation is inherent in all kiln fired products. An important part of the charm of AG Glass is the variation of texture, pattern and colour. Your AG Glass may vary from samples as it is custom made and each piece is unique. You have placed your order and we have accepted it with the understanding that no order may be refused by you on the basis of colour or any other variation.

    7. Copyright and Intellectual Property
    All trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights in relation to AG Glass in general and to your order remain our property. You may under no circumstances seek to manufacture or have manufactured glass using our designs, methods of manufacture or our other intellectual property rights.

    8. Published Credits
    As AG glass is unique, original artwork, you agree that we have the right to include a published credit line on the completed work and to publicise our involvement with the work.

    9. Warranties and Limitation of Liability
    9.1 We warrant that all AG Glass meets current Australian Standard AS1288 for safety. Where necessary, AG Glass is toughened so as to meet all applicable building codes and regulations. Apart from this warranty, as far as the law allows, we make no other warranties in relation to the quality or suitability of AG Glass for any particular use. Any information or advice provided by us is given in good faith, and we will not be liable for any direct or consequential loss or damage arising from your use of the AG Glass.
    9.2 If we are in breach of the above warranty, our liability will be limited to re-supplying the AG Glass or refunding you the price of your order. We will not be liable for any other damages except for any liability that we cannot exclude by law.
    9.3 As AG Glass is custom made, it may not be returned except where we are in breach of the warranty.

    10. GST
    All prices are expressed as exclusive of GST and you will pay GST at the prevailing rate in addition to the price upon presentation by us of a valid tax invoice.

    11. Invalid provisions
    If any part of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, that part will be severed from these terms and conditions. This will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.

    12. Dispute resolution 
    You agree with us that if there is a problem with any aspect of your order, we will try to resolve it between ourselves. If the problem cannot be resolved by negotiation, the matter will be referred to mediation before a mediator approved by the Law Institute of Victoria and both parties will participate in the mediation process in good faith. Failing mediation, the matter will then be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Act 1984 (Vic). During the arbitration, we may both be represented by a lawyer. We each agree to bear our own legal costs. You agree with us that litigation in our relationship will only be used as a last resort.

    13. Governing law
    The laws of Victoria apply to these terms and conditions and any disputes will be heard in the courts and tribunals of that State.