Glass Gallery

The Glass Gallery in East Kew described below has now closed. Karl has since set up his studio gallery on Waiheke Island in Auckland, New Zealand, where he continues to make glass artwork.

The glass gallery in Oneroa, Waiheke Island displays a range of designer glass, including wall art panels, art glass platters, jewellery and sculpture created by Leslie Karl Baxter.

Les has achieved an innovative style using a distinctive permanent metallic glass colouring technique he developed over many years. His exciting glass art has an interactive effect, experienced by moving around a work whether on a wall, stand, or furniture. In some lights the colours are seen to be reflective, and from another viewpoint, they are translucent and display a completely different colour and character.

These intriguing elements are used to engage the viewer in a novel way and encourage a closer inspection of the detail. The layering of colour and texture combine to produce art works that can be placed in many settings, both indoor and outdoor. Strong natural light enhances them, in contrast to other artwork which are sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Directed beams of light greatly enhance the pieces in indoor and night time situations, where they can take on a luminous quality. Photographs cannot do justice to the pieces, which never cease to amaze.

Our glass designs range from contemporary, abstract images to landscape interpretations and mood colour studies. An Asian influence is also seen in several of the design series. A range of elegant glass framed mirror designs are also available which can be made to measure. Photographic images may also be included in the artwork.

Commissions are undertaken for sculpture and glass wall art in single panels, diptychs, triptychs etc and Karl works with clients to achieve individual designs. His work can be delivered both in New Zealand and internationally.

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